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Planning To Compete And Want To Massively Improve Your Posing Skills?
Attend The Only  Group Virtual Posing Practice Classes In The Bodybuilding Industry That Teach You The Exact Skills You Need To Learn To Become Great At Posing And Stage Presence.
For Just $100/mth ($25/week!)

Hosted By 20 Year Bodybuilding Pro, Posing Coach, 
Judge (of 4 federations!), and Head Judge, Michele Welcome

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 Only $100/mth ($25/class!!)

So what exactly IS A Weekly Group Virtual Posing Practice Session?

Each week, we will practice as a group on Zoom:

  • All the mandatory poses for your category (ALL classes): You choose the class for your applicable category. All federations will be covered.
  • ​Building posing endurance (ALL classes): We will practice holding poses for extended periods of time like you will be required to do on stage. 
  • Moving in and out of your poses (ALL classes) (and how to make it effortless): i.e. posing transitions
  • Posing and Stage Presence Strategy (Wednesdays only) (learn how to be a posing critic. I guarantee you will never look at posing or performing the same)
  • ​Fundamental Drills (Wednesdays only) to help you develop and maintain better overall movement patterns, balance, posture, and stability.
  • BONUS (Wednesdays only): For divisions with high heels; you will learn some of my signature techniques on how to look good walking in them. 
  • *NEW CLASS* ​Posing Mechanics (Sundays only); For new people just learning how to pose (i.e. Level 1) and for veteran posers (i.e. Level 2 and 3) who want additional general posing practice and critiques by me every week. I will break down the poses in detail at every class (the poses I cover will depend on who shows up). Submit your posing concerns/questions before every class to be considered in the the class discussion. And a good solid (structured) posing practice session in as well in my own signature style (i.e not boring, lol) that models the show day experience.
In my 20 years of experience, I have found that when preparing for a fitness or bodybuilding show, people underestimate five major things:

1. You are not just posing, you are performing for an audience.

2. How much time it really takes to become good at posing and stage performance (and that it should be done year-round, and not an after thought). 

3. Posing and performing require specific skill development beyond just the literal mechanics of poses. These fundamental skills aren't taught by anyone else (how do I know? Because I created them).

4. Without guidance you are likely to practice the wrong things, and won't know what to do about it; and,

5. How important it is to practice under pressure to be fully prepared on show day. 

In bodybuilding federations, the first thing the judges evaluate is how proportioned and balanced your physique is (or how disproportioned your are, if you are in the Wellness category).  The head judge will spin you around from front to back with either a series of quarter turns or half turns to evaluate your structure.  

If you are in the women's physique, classic physique, or the bodybuilding divisions, you will also have a series of muscularity poses to do.  

It is up to you to know how to execute each and every pose in a way that showcases your physique its best.

These poses are not normal shapes and positions that we "normally" do. In fact, some require a tremendous amount of mind body connection, mobility, stability, balance, and flexibility to really do them well. 

Watching a posing tutorial of someone who poses effortlessly and then trying to do the poses yourself are two different things, amIright?  Especially if you lack the mind body connection, stability, balance, etc. that is needed to do them.

It's like watching a gymnast on a balance beam and then thinking you are going to hop up on that beam and be capable of doing the same thing. Like all of a sudden you've figured out the proper techniques, posture, balance, and stability on how to perform a balance beam routine in those 60 seconds you spent watching the video (you know, the skills they spent a lifetime learning and practicing). Not likely.

Most people underestimate the amount of fundamental skills you need to learn and practice regularly in order to become great at posing and stage presence.  And how regularly these skills need to be practiced (you will get rusty really fast).

I have worked with HUNDREDS of clients – both men and women and many have become champions. Do you know what stands out about the ones that won shows and became professionals in the sport?  

...it's the amount of time they spent doing the things that will help them master their posing skills!  

And my signature fundamental skill practice will provide you the exact things you need to do to become not good, but really awesome, at posing and stage presence. 

I tackle mind body connection, mobility, flexibility, stability, in every Wednesday class every week (i.e. Posing Fundamentals). I also have a class on Sundays where I provide the exact step-by-step proper execution of all poses (i.e Posing Mechanics).  Come to one, or sign up for both!

Plus, with my kind of accountability, if I see something, I say something. So while you are practicing with me every week, I will suggest posing corrections while we are live. Many people are surprised how I see everything despite it being a group environment.  You will not feel left out.

So if you want to learn and practice the exact skills that will help your posing and stage presence go from "meh" to awesome ...aaaaand have someone *ahem, ME* hold you accountable every week so you are better prepared for show day, then join my weekly posing classes!

Learn To Pose™ 
Weekly Group Virtual Posing Practice Class Details
  • CLASS DATES: Every Wednesday and/or Sunday (you are welcome to register for multiple classes). 
  • Class #1 is held on Wednesdays at 6:00pm EST for the following divisions in any federation: Men & Women's Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Women's Physique, Men's Classic Physique, and Women's Fit Body.  You must have a basic understanding of what the poses are for your category and federation.  We will work on posing fundamental skill development & maintenance, posing and stage presence strategy, and posing endurance work.  Plus receive my "if I see something I say something" posing critiques.
  • Class #2 is held on Wednesdays at 7:30pm EST for the following divisions in any federation: Women's Figure, Wellness, and Bikini.  You must have a basic understanding of what the poses are for your category and federation.  We will work on posing fundamental skill development & maintenance, posing and stage presence strategy, and posing endurance work (and keep you from getting rusty or developing bad habits in between shows).  Plus receive my "if I see something I say something" posing critiques.
  • Class #3 *NEW CLASS* is held on Sundays at 10:30am EST for the following people: Men and Women in any division or federation who are either new to posing (i.e. Level 1 skills) and want to learn the proper posing mechanics for their division/federation or people who know how to pose (i.e. Level 2 and 3 skills) but want the extra general (and structured) posing practice time and critiques by me every week (and keep you from getting rusty or developing bad habits in between shows).
  • Register for one, or come to them all (and must be purchased separately)!
  • REGISTRATION FEE: $100/month.  You will automatically be billed every 30 days from your date of purchase.  You are welcome to come to more than one class but must register and pay for each class separately. Classes are non-refundable.  Cancel any time within 1 week of your billing date.
  • DRESS CODE: For Men, wear either your competition shorts or any pair of shorts. For Women, wear either your competition suit or any two piece suit (if you are currently working on a body transformation and are extremely self conscious about wearing a 2 piece at this point, don't stress! Let me know and simply wear form fitting pants and a form fitting tank top). If you are competing in a division that requires high heels, bring either your stage heels or any pair of comfortable 5 inch heels.​
  • ​​CLASS ACCESS: Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the private Facebook group where you will receive the private zoom links every week to attend the upcoming week's classes.
  • ​​CLASS REPLAYS: You will also receive access to the class replays (if you can't make it live), connect with other members, and receive reminders with the private zoom links every week to attend the upcoming week's classes.
  • BONUS: if you can't make a class live, you can post an accountability video of your posing for critique in our private group by the end of day after the missed class.
Don't just take my word for it...
What People Are Saying...
Leonard Scriven
Pro Men’s Physique
Ben Berluti
Novice Men’s Physique 
Elnaz Najdmazhari
Pro Figure & Open Fit Body
Felicia Nickerson
Pro Wellness
Lily Burton
Novice Bikini Transformation 
Dawn Graves
New Bikini Pro
Mary Taylor 
Open Women’s Physique
Laurent Vitrac
Pro Classic Physique
Ryan Trusevitch
Open Classic Physique
Robin Rose
Novice Open & Master's Figure
" I received my WNBF Pro Card in figure after working with Michele. She helped me fine tune my posing and presentation style, which made all the difference in the world on stage. If you are looking to take your training to the next level, I highly recommend Michele!
“Michele’s knowledge and instruction flows very naturally. I was frequently impressed by her level of detail and the ease in which she manipulated my position to bring out my best look. I’ve worked with great coaches and Michele is exceptional. Any federation... any division, she will guide you to the proper fit and help you to look your best. Do yourself a favor if you’re considering a show and reach out to her asap.”
" Michele Welcome is an incredibly talented posing coach, and working with her was a complete game-changer for me. She is truly a professional and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend using Michele as a posing coach to anyone preparing for a show! "
" Self doubt and fear of failure have been my demons for years. My work with Michele helped me step out of this mindset and into a place where I learned to compete for me. Michele has shown me how to focus on producing the best version of myself and how to hit the stage leading with pride. " 
" Michele really teaches you about how posing should be done. It's not just get on stage and flex, it's about confidence, stage presence and finding the angles and movements to really highlight that physique! No one shows you how and teaches you how better. Michele came highly recommended to me and she comes highly recommended from me so much I send my own clients to her for posing. "
" Beyond her phenomenal expert knowledge, she was sincerely invested in my success. Her excellent advice, warm smile and encouraging words, along with a hug out the door was what I looked forward to every week to keep me on my focused path. She made sure I never stopped believing in myself, because she believed in me. "
" By nature, I am an extremely shy person and do not like to be the center of attention. Michele helped me gain the confidence I needed to get on stage. Michele helped me pose in ways that best suited my physique. She is extremely supportive and will help guide you every step of the way. There is no one I’d rather work with to prepare for stage ready posing. " 
" The minute I started working with Michele I knew that her patience and attention to detail were just what I needed to learn a new set of poses and to feel confident in my routine! Michele also gave me phenomenal workouts to help build my back and to build coordination and muscle memory for flaring my lats. I am certain that the work I did with Michele translated to more confidence on the stage and as a competitor. "
" At the age of 41, I decided that I wanted to compete in bikini.  This was so far out of my comfort zone, I barely knew where to start. I had never done anything even remotely close to this. Michele taught me how to pose with class and grace, she taught me how to show off my best self, she choreographed a theme wear routine for me, AND she taught me how to flare my lats!!  (We dubbed her "The Lat Whisperer"). I never could have done it without Michele! "

Michele Welcome

Michele has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years having competed in SIX federations, earned 3 pro cards, head judges and panel judges for four bodybuilding federations, and is regarded as a top professional posing coach with the versatility to teach the posing requirements, routines, and stage walks for: men and women bodybuilders, men and women's physique, classic physique, figure, wellness, model, and bikini divisions.  

Michele is known for her "keen eye" for even the smallest of details, and her unique ability to transform even the most challenging posing clients and make them standouts on stage. 

Michele has created her own teaching style, methodologies, and best practices from her diverse and eclectic education, first hand experience as a competitor, and over a decade of hands-on teaching. She teaches 1 on 1, via her custom weekly group classes (at weeklyposing.com), and has created many custom courses and products to help competitors address specific posing issues and/or to simply gain that competitive edge in their shows. 

Michele is also a multiple business owner, including a Real Estate Broker/Agent and Professional Home Stager for 18 years, an RYT-200 Embodyoga instructor, a graduate of the John Casablanca's Modeling and Acting School, a published author, and has earned four nutrition and personal training certifications.  She is also the host of "Everything Else" in Bodybuilding podcast where she educates on all the secrets to pre and post competition success.  You can find her podcast on all major podcast platforms or at EEINBB.com
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Attend a LIVE Learn To Pose™ 
Weekly Group Virtual Posing Practice Session!
  • Build a proper posing foundation from the start. (Becoming great at posing requires specific skill development. You will learn and practice these skills weekly)
  • Build your posing endurance so you are better prepared for the specific demands on show day. (We will practice holding poses for extended periods of time like you will be required to do on stage) 
  • Be held accountable weekly with practice of all of your mandatory poses and your posing transitions. (Classes are broken up by category. All federations will be covered)
  • Classes for every skill level! For Level 1 (students who are brand new to posing) come to Sundays "Posing Mechanics" classes. For Level 2 and 3 students choose from any of the three classes or come to more than one for extra structured practice and critiques by me!
Total Value: $297/mth

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